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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#74: July 22nd, 2012 - Painting some exterior trim pieces and installing lots of parts...
Painting the stacks of trim parts was next on the to-do list.
In order to get the interior sealed-up, I need to install the weatherstripping around the door. However, once the weatherstripping is installed, I loose access to the fasteners that hold the roof trim on to the car. So I needed to paint the roof trim, sail panels, and door handles to proceed to the next step. While I had the paint out, I took care of the trunk license plate trim and the gas door.
All the parts were sanded to bare plastic and primered with epoxy primer before painting.

With the paint on the trim drying, I started installing a whole slew of parts. Many of which I have already covered in earlier journals, such as the pedal assembly. The fuel, vapor and brake lines were all cleaned and installed. The vapor line was connected to the OE charcoal canister. The wiper motor was cleaned and its mounting bracket painted. All the wiper transmission arms were glass beaded and cleared to prevent rust. The "Cobra" power brake booster is from eBay. It had a better decal that the one that came on the car. 

The Horns, Windshield Washer tank, and Cruise Control vacuum canister were next. All were OE on the car and were cleaned by glass beading. The horns got a clear coat for rust prevention. The ABS unit I covered in an earlier journal. This is a replacement unit from eBay. The airbag sensors are OE. They were glass beaded and painted satin black.

The A/C Condenser is a NOS Modine unit that I got from eBay. There was no condenser on the car when I got it. I also had to purchase new mounting brackets for the condenser. (eBay also) The Radiator is a "Take-out" unit I got from a guy in Palm City (via eBay) He bought a new Mustang back in '95 and converted it to a race car when it had less than 100 miles on it. This radiator had been sitting in his attic ever since. Next was the vacuum tee. It is just a glass-beaded OE part. After that, the engine compartment wiring harness went in. It is the OE harness that I cleaned-up and re-taped.

The inner door handles, outer window wipes and lock cylinders are all new pieces, while the exterior mirrors and Mach 460 tweeters are used. The mirrors are from a '98 Cobra, so they have a texture to them. (The '94/'95 are smooth)
The Evaporator case was refurbished in a earlier journal. The Evaporator, Heater core and Blower motor are all new.

Now the exterior roof trim, sail panel, door handles and fuel door can go on the car. With them in place, the upper weatherstripping that I got on eBay can go in.

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Last Modified: July 23rd, 2012.