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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#63: December 1st, 2011 - Replacing the Blower Motor, Heater Core and Evaporator...
While the evaporator case was out, I wanted to use the opportunity to replace the Blower Motor, Heater Core and Evaporator. As the car was not running when I purchased it, I did not know if the Heater Core or Evaporator were leaking. So not wanting to put the case in the car just to remove it again, I went ahead and replaced it all.

The Blower Motor and the heater core were straight forward enough to remove.
But I could not see how to remove the evaporator from the case.
The factory Ford shop manual  said the evaporator was not removable from the case and an entire case was sold by Ford with the evaporator already installed.
Well, I already had a new evaporator in my possession, so I new there must be another solution.
Time to Google it.
The solution provided by the Internet is the case has to be cut with a cut-off wheel to get the evaporator out, then glued back together when done.
The instructions were correct. Once the top was cut open, the evaporator came right out and I was able to vacuum up all the junk and debris that was inside the case.
I used RTV to reseal the case. It came out good and is plenty strong.
The brackets and components that bolt on the outside of the case were all cleaned and painted before installation.

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Last Modified: December 8th, 2011.