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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#62: November 1st, 2011 - Refurbishing the ABS Motor and Wiring Harnesses...
The ABS motor that came on the car did not look very good when I took it out of storage. There was considerable corrosion on the outside and a green 'goo' in the ports. I cleaned up the outside and sprayed brake parts cleaner in all the ports, but I still had a feeling there was more problems with it. So I went ahead and remove the manifold and solenoids and found a ton of crap inside the unit. I cleaned it up with brake parts cleaner & compressed air and put it back together and put it in a box, never to be used again.

I picked up an good used Cobra ABS Motor on eBay and will be using it in the POS Cobra. (See last two photos for that one)

The wiring harnesses all need to be cleaned and re-taped. The harness that fed the headlights and turn signals needed those connectors to be replaced, as they were all broken. I was able to get some good 'pigtails' off a '98 Mustang and U-Pull-N-Pay in West Palm. All got attached using heat-shrink connectors to ensure a water-tight connection.
One funny thing, the plug for the spout wire had never been used. It was still taped to the harness!
I found two of the harnesses brand-new on eBay. The harness that goes in the interior of the car list for over $700 from Ford. I got it from Bob Boudurant's School in AZ for $40!
I also found for $20 the harness that connects to the battery and goes under the front of the car to the starter. Funny thing about that harness, while inspecting the new harness upon its arrival, I noticed some extra wire and plugs that were not on the harness I had. I followed it around and came to a 120VAC wall plug on the end. I then realized it was for an engine block heater option!
As with the other harnesses that I covered earlier, I used the correct 'low-adhesion' tape on the main part and 'regular' tape on the ends. I still need to replace the connector for the electric fan, as the ground connector is fried.

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