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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#56: October 12th, 2011 - Installing the Front Suspension...
The front suspension installation was delayed as I was waiting on the upper strut mounts to come back from powder-coating. So I spent that time prepping the other parts. I had previously prepped the LCA, Spindle, and Calipers that I purchased on Craigslist from a '03 Cobra. I purchased a pair of blue dust covers from Maximum Motorsports for the Bilstein struts and next was cleaning and painting the struts to get them ready to be installed. The cap on the can of spray paint that I got was almost an exact match for the Bilstein yellow, unfortunately, the actual paint was a little lighter. But its close enough.
I removed one coil from the '98 Cobra springs that I'm using and borrowed an internal spring compressor to help fit it in to the pocket. With no motor in the frame it was still a chore to get it compressed enough to get the plate and nut on top of the strut. In the end I had to put 50lbs of lead bricks that I have on the front frame rail and hang 80lbs of fuel jugs on the apron to keep the car on the jack stands.

After the front suspension was installed, I purchased a pair of the 'correct' '94-'95 front spindles and prepped them for installation after the car comes back from the paint shop.

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