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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#6: March 15th, 2010 - Cleaning and Refurbishing the Front Control Arms, Spindles, Hubs, Calipers and K-Member...
One thing I noticed is that the car did not roll very easily.
I took a look at the front hubs and found that the bearings were rusted from water intrusion, so I replaced them with new ones.
(I needed to be able to roll the car around as I am taking it up to Buddy's shop soon for some work)
On my long list of parts I needed was a new set of calipers for the Cobra, as the mis-matched set that was on the car were not going to cut it. The proper caliper has the "COBRA" script on it. From the factory, they are a dark gray in color, but many people paint them red or black. I also needed some new front struts to replace the worn-out units on the car. I was able to solve both issues when I found a complete front suspension off a 2003 Cobra on Craigslist. I was able to get calipers, rotors, spindles, lower control arms, end links and brake hoses at a great price!
After getting the car back from Buddy, I removed the original front suspension and K-member and sold the suspension components. I then pressure washed the K-member and ground down all the welding slag that the factory left on it. A coat of primer finished it off.
The 'new' front suspension was disassembled and a new ball joint and caliper rebuilding kit was acquired. I had the new ball joint pressed in and began refurbishing the suspension components. The lower control arms, spindles, calipers, and brackets were glass-beaded in my blasting cabinet then painted the correct colors.
A new pair of slotted rotors and ceramic brake pads completed the package.

K-member after pressure washingK-member gone from car

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