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#65: December 28th, 2011 - Installed a Oil Separator and took some pictures.
In all the years I've been racing the Cobra, whenever I pull the upper intake, there has always been motor oil coating the gaskets and spacer that go between the upper and lower intakes. I have always run a factory Motorcraft PCV valve and all the factory baffling in the intake manifold to control oil that comes into the upper intake. Apparently, that was not adequate.

I purchased an aftermarket oil separator on line. These have become very popular on supercharged Mustangs that have increased oil consumption due to the additional crankcase pressure from the positive-displacement blower. They work by using a baffle and gravity to separate the heavier oil from the air coming from the pcv valve before it gets to the intake manifold. A small, see-through reservoir contains the oil, that can be poured back into the motor as it becomes full.

I modified the mounting bracket to attach it to the seam near the top of the firewall, using j-clips to ease installation. The hose included with the kit was too short to complete the project. I picked up some additional hose later at the parts store.

I took some pictures of the car after cleaning it. Enjoy!

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