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Journal Update, 04/04/2011
Racing at PBIR. Completed all three races with podium finishes...
I got to the track on Saturday morning around 7:00am and was the first motorhome through the gate. All the paddock spots on the pavement were taken by this time, so I got a spot on the grass near turn one. My first session was a 15 minute combination practice & qualifying session. My goal was just to get some laps in, keep the RPM's below 5000 and break-in the rings on the motor. My friends Matt and Kyle from the Palm Beach Mustang Club arrived about 15 minutes before I was to hit the track. They would be my race crew for the day.
The first session went without incident. The car ran OK, we just had a small, nuance, oil leak somewhere on the motor that we could not find.
After the session, Matt and Kyle promptly got the car up onto jackstands and remove the wheels and tires for inspection. They were by far the most competent crew members that I have ever had with me at a race!
Aside from the oil leak, everything looked fine on the car. I qualified 3rd in class with a 1:33.666, 16th overall. I mentioned to Kyle and Matt that the car started idling a little differently when I went to load it on the trailer the other night, but it seemed OK now.
While eating lunch in the RV, Tammy and Trinity arrived and we got ready for the afternoon 5 lap sprint race.
The race went without a hitch and we kept the 3rd place. I allowed the motor to rev to 5500 RPMs and my lap time improved to a 1:32.415, which is still quite a bit off my best time in '08 of 1:29.883.
After the race, Kyle and Matt sprang into action, getting tire temperatures and pressures, then putting the car on jackstands for inspection. They did a great job all day!!!

Here are some pictures taken before I went to the track, but to late to get in the prior journal. The first picture is the car getting aligned. This is called  'stringing the car up'. By building a string box around the car, you can check the front toe and tracking front to rear. The other picture is of everything loaded up, ready to go.

Here are some pictures taken by Mitch and Kyle. Thanks guys, they are great! The BMW pictured below had some problems in the Sunday morning race. Look for it on lap one in the video.

Sunday morning we had a 15 lap South Atlantic Road Racing Championship race, called by the acronym, SARRC race. This is the 'feature' race of the weekend, so I was hoping for a good result. The race turned out to good for me as the BMW in my class had an off-track excursion on lap one that put an end to his weekend, handing me a second place finish on both of Sunday's races.
Here is the in-car video from the SARRC race:

The Sunday afternoon race was an 8 lap affair that was notable only because an AS Camaro got by me on the start and then started laying down a smoke screen coming out of right-hand tuns so thick that I dare not pass him. Since he was not in my class, it didn't matter anyway.
When I get back to the shop I'll need to find the motor oil leak, fix a small transmision leak and see if I should get the car back onto the dynomometer, as it seemed a little down on power. It didn't want to pull as hard at high RPMs as it use to.

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