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Journal Update, 1/9/2011
Motor Removal: We arrived home on Saturday and after unloading everything, I began pulling the motor from the Cobra. After getting the car up in the air and removing the wheels, I had a little bit of good news when I drained the oil and there was no water in it. That means the block and heads hadn't been damage to the point of water jacket fracture. Always a good sign.
While the oil was draining, I remove the strut-tower brace and upper intake manifold.
When I picked up the upper intake, there was a rattling sound coming from inside. I shook the intake around and the head of an exhaust valve dropped out of the port and onto the bench!

Here are some more pictures of the removal of the motor:

Motor Disassembly: Now with the motor on the stand, I could start the tear down and find out the extent of the damage. First to come off were the valve covers and exhaust headers. It was apparent right away that #2 cylinder would be suspect.

Do exhaust headers normally contain oil? (BTW, the next day there was a puddle of oil on the ground from oil leaking out of the H-pipe. That's how much oil got pumped into the exhaust)

Lets take a look in the exhaust ports: Nuber one has a valve, number three has a valve, number 4 has a valve, number 2, No Valve!

Intake mainfold comes off next. Now we can take a look into the intake ports. Number two intake valve is gone. Also somthing appears to be wrong with the intake valve on number 6. :(

With the rockers off, I can remove the pushrods. #2 exhaust pushrod is the bent one and it won't come out. It is 'mushroomed' at the bottom. Also, with the rockers off, #2 exhaust spring has release all its pressure. That means the valve stem is straight, unlike #2 intake valve.

First the drivers-side head comes off. The head and pistons all look O.K.

Next the passenger-side head is remove. Here we see all the damage. The head and #2 piston are toast.

The rest of the pictures are the remaining dissassembly of the motor and putting it on the cradle for sending the short block back to Buddy to be checked out.
#2 cylinder will need to be re-bored if it can be cleaned up at all. If not, I'll need a new block. I spoke with AFR, they gave me a RMA for the heads. Hopefully they will cover their replacement.
The problem with the #6 intake is that part of the #2 intake valve head has traveled through the intake manifold and down to the #6 intake port!

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