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Journal Update, 11/13/2010

Last time I was under the race car, I noticed there was allot of play in the ring and pinion in the rear axle. I could turn the pinion by hand quite a bit before it contacted the ring gear. The posi unit had been rebuilt the prior season, but all the bearings in the unit were 100,000 mile units that I had been racing on for four seasons.
Removing some of the bearing requires special tools and knowledge, so I contacted Buddy Hendricks at Florida Performance Machine about making the trip up to his place in Central Florida. We set a time for me to come up on Saturday, November 13th.

Before I could head up to Buddys', I needed to get the parts to rebuild the rear. Ford Racing makes a kit to do just that. The M-4210-C kit contains all the bearings, shims and seals necessary to rebuild the rear, unfortunately, none of the local Ford dealers had one on-hand. I ended up ordering one from Powered By Ford in Orlando. They assured me that it would ship out that day (Thursday) and that I would have it on Friday. Then I could drive up to Buddy's on Saturday with rebuild kit in-hand.

So Friday afternoon arrives and the UPS truck drives right past my house and didn't stop! Quickly, I call Powered By Ford and ask them if the kit shipped. They said it shipped and repeat the address they sent it to. It was the wrong address! Their typo had sent it to a non-existing house number on my street. I hopped in my truck and started to look for the UPS driver. Luckily, I found him a couple of streets over and was able to get the package!

Once at Buddy's on Saturday, the teardown started. I had drained the gear oil and removed the brake rotors earlier in the week. Since I would be doing 90% of the work myself, Buddy set me up on a cart with the rear axle supported on a pair of jackstands.

Hand tools, impact wrenches, gear pullers, hydraulic presses and a eight foot long piece of pipe were all used in the process of removing the old bearings and seals. Various hammers and punches were used for removing the bearing races from the housing.

Here is where the magic happens!          Rear stripped down and new races installed.

Buddy spent most of the day working on his racecar, which is in the background of the picture. Later in the morning, a roll-back tow truck brought in the "Overhaulin' Challenger". It had broken down on I4 and they wanted Buddy to fix it. I have more pictures of it in "The Lounge"

The axles had some galling on the bearing area, so I decided to get some 'new' ones before putting the rear back under the race car. Here are the old ones.

With the axles installed and the brakes and gear oil in, I could re-install the rear axle, connect the brake lines and bleed the brakes.

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