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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#9: May 18th, 2010 - Removing the Rear Window and Exposing More Rust...
I noticed that there were some rust bubbles in the trunk opening below the rear window. In order to do a good repair, the rear window would need to be removed. On the Mustang, the rear window is held in place by a special urethane adhesive, which forms a thick, cushion that bond the glass to the metal and requires special tools to cut.
The first tool I got was a manual glass removal tool. It uses an knife to cut the urethane and release the glass. This tool was just about impossible to use! If you spent a couple of days going back and forth, you may eventually cut the urethane. So I stated look for tools that the professional glass installers use. It appears that an electric knife specifically designed for cutting urethane is the hot ticket. But at over $200, is not for the home users. Harbor Freight has a similar tool that is a multi-function device that has an vibrating knife with changeable blades.
This was the ticket! It quickly cut the urethane and allowed removal of the rear window. I then used it to scrape the remaining urethane from  the window channel and also remove the seam sealer from  the trunk opening.
Unfortunately, that seam sealer was hiding several rust holes that need to be repaired. I began by cutting out the rusted areas with a dremmel equipped with a cut-off wheel. Next I ground out some panel adhesive used by Ford to attach the panels. It appears this adhesive absorbed moisture and actually caused the rust!
Finally, I sprayed on a coat of weld-thru primer in the affected areas in preparation for the welding in of the new metal.

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