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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#82: October 9th, 2012 - Painting and Installing the Hood, Installing the new Front Seats and getting it ready for its first drive....
After painting the hood, I began the process of wet-sanding and buffing the paint on the hood, fenders, bumpers and trim. With that process complete, I continued the buffing process using the 3M polishing compound on the entire car. This is used to remove any scratches left by the rubbing compound.

I picked up a pair of leather front seats from a '98 Cobra on eBay. They were removed from the car in 2000 and had been in storage ever since. While the leather was in great shape, the foam on the drivers seat bottom outside bolster had broken down.
As the seat cover is glued to the foam, you cant just replace the seat base foam with a good foam base. However, Tony at Exchange Upholstery in Jupiter came up with the idea of replacing just the foam side bolster on the drivers seat with the foam from a passenger seat I had in my attic already.
I took both seats apart and gave the seat bases to Tony. He cut the 'good' foam off the inner bolster of the passenger seat base and, after removing the bad foam from the outside of the drivers seat base, glued it to the existing foam and re-stretched the leather cover over it. Now its as good as new. (Ignore the floor mats in the pictures. They are just temporary one to protect the carpet during construction)

I needed a new antenna mast for the car, so while I was down in Lake Worth, I stopped by UPR Products and picked up a 14in replacement unit in black.

My insurance company wanted some new pictures of the car, as I needed to increase the coverage on it, now that completion is near.

I did an alignment on the car myself, using the 'string-box' method, and got it close enough. Then, after a short, 6 mile shake-down drive to the nearest gas station, the car was ready to make it's formal debut at the October meeting of the Palm Beach Mustang Club held at Duffys on Village Blvd in West Palm Beach.

Well, now that the car has 50 miles on it, what's next you ask?
There are several issues that need to be address:
I have not installed the A/C compressor or lines yet.
The speedometer is not working correctly.
The ABS and Airbag waring lights are on.
The drivers-rear Eibach spring is sagging 3/4 in.
There are some flaws in the paint that need touch-up.
The spare tire is flat.
The radio and power windows are working intermittently.
The transmission is leaking fluid.
I am missing some under-hood decals.
A couple of center console mounting tabs are broken.
Remote door unlock needs programming.
The trunk mat needs cleaning.
The indicator light on the fog lamp switch is not working.
And so on......
So, it's not the end of the story, just a chapter.

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Last Modified: October 28th, 2012.