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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#81: September 28th, 2012 - Prepping, Painting and Installing the Bumper Covers, Front Fenders and Rocker Trim....
Now to turn my attention to Prepping, Painting and Installing the remaining body and trim parts: Front and Rear Bumper Covers, both front fenders, the rocker trim parts and the hood.
The bodywork on most of the parts was previously done. Remaining to be done were the 4 rocker trim parts. The two front parts were from the POS. I had to use paint stripper to remove all the layers of paint and then multiple coats of primer filler and sanding to take care of all the scratches. The  two big parts were from my race car. The paint on them was in good shape and did not need stripping. Just some sanding and a coat of epoxy primer.
The front bumper cover, while new, still had some rough patches that needed some attention. Mainly sharp seams that had to be sanded smooth so paint would not have a spot to start peeling at.
The rear bumper cover came off the '98 Cobra parts car. It was a factory cover with the 'Cobra' lettering. It already had two coats of paint on it so rather that risk damaging it by sanding it myself, I took it to Keystone Automotive in West Palm. They do a complete refurbishing service on urethane and plastic bumper covers. Stripping off old paint, fixing any tears and warping and coating it inside and out with primer. It comes back ready for you to just scuff and paint.
The front fenders had a couple of low spots that needed some putty. After priming and sanding, they were ready for paint.

While the paint was drying, I took the opportunity to install some new parts that I had picked up. First was a brand-new OEM wiper cowl panel from Green Sales. Next were a pair of Caster-Camber plates from my good friends at Steeda. Finally a new radiator cover that I picked up from Bob Boudurants Racing School a couple of years ago.

First painted part to get installed was the rear bumper cover, followed by the front fenders. I left the hood installed so that I would keep my reference for setting the gaps on the front fenders. (The after market plastic fender liners that I bought from Rock Auto did not fit worth a crap!) Next were the 4 parts that make up the rocker panel trim.

The hood latch that I was using was messing up the fitting of the hood. The gap between the hood and fenders was fine with the latch removed, but once installed, it would 'tweak' the hood so that it did not fit right. I took the latch assembly from the '98 Cobra parts car and what do you know - the hood fit fine! (See the yellow release lever)
The front header panel, headlights & cornering lights, and front bumper completed the installing.
I took the hood off to get it ready for painting. The final pictures are shots of the car almost completed - minus the hood.

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Last Modified: September 28th, 2012.