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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#65: January 15th, 2012 - Fixing the engine cooling fan harness and rear wing...
Earlier, when working on the wiring harness, I showed you that the connector that plugs into the electric cooling fan was burnt. I finally got around to purchasing a new connector and splicing it into the harness using heat-shrink butt connectors.

Next I had to tackle a project that I thought was already fixed. The rear wing.
During handling and transport to and from the bodyshop, it somehow got damaged. There were several large cracks in the plastic that needed to be repaired.
To increase the strength of the repairs, I used 'kitty hair', which is fiberglass-reinforced body filler, for filling the cracks.
I started by opening-up the cracks using a die-grinder and stone. Next the cracks were glued using a special plastic adhesive, similar to 'super-glue'. Finally, they were filled with the kitty hair. Once cured, the areas were sanded and coated with primer.

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