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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#58: October 15th, 2011 - Painting the inside of the Drivers and Passengers Doors...
The Drivers-side door was purchased as a new, bare-shell. As such, there was no old paint to remove or window regulator and glass to disassemble from the door. All I had to do was prep the door for paint, paint it, and after it had dried, install the door hardware that I had removed from the old door several months ago. 
Since the 'old' drivers-side door was not original to the car, all the rivets that hold the window regulator and glass had already been removed and replaced with bolts to ease re-installation. This made installing them in the 'new' door much easier.
I did have to replace the drivers-side power window motor. I did this with the regulator on the bench and found out first hand just how much spring tension they have! 
I also sent time removing surface rust from any parts and cleaning off excess grease that had accumulated over the years. The wiring harnesses on both door had to be replaced with the correct Mach 460 harnesses as both had been cut-up over the years for aftermarket speakers.

Since the passenger-side door was original to the car, care was taken when stripping off the old paint and repainting not to damage or cover the VIN sticker on the lower-right jam. The regulator and glass on this door had never been removed and was still held in place by the factory rivets. I drilled-out the rivets that held the glass to the regulator so the glass would come out, but I did not remove the regulator, as it and the power window motor were functioning properly.
I did remove all the other components and gave the inside of the door a through cleaning and sanding. I used bolts instead of rivets when re-installing the glass and used the proper Ford peel-type rivets on the power door lock actuator and speaker mounts.

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