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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#51: September 7th, 2011 - Bodywork on the Rear Bumper Cover and Wing, Prep on the Door and Trunk Lid...
The Rear Bumper Cover, while still in one piece, had multiple paint problems. Soda Blasting was unable to remove the paint due to the flexible nature of the base urethane material. Chemical Paint removers barely made a dent in the OE baked-on finish.

My final choice was to sand off all the paint and hope I didn't destroy the base material in the process. Once I started sanding with the DA and 180 grit, I ran into a situation that may cause future problems. That is, the cracking in the paint actually extends into the urethane of the bumper itself. After checking with several sources, it appears that this cracking in the surface may or may-not telegraph its way back up to the surface of the new paint.

Before I continued, I tested the area with high-build primer to see if the cracks would re-appear. So far, so good. No cracks in the primer yet, so I continued with the stripping of the paint.

The 'Mustang' lettering on the cover was another challenge. I had to resort to using the poor-performing paint stripper and a small screwdriver to get into all the nooks and crannies. Unfortunately, I ended up gouging the urethane. So now I'll need to fix that with some special urethane body filler. That will be another story.

The lines on the bumper came out fine and really looked good even before block sanding.

The Cobra-specific rear wing needed some attention also. Even the mild soda-blasting media was too much for the plastic substrate. Luckily, the operator saw the damage occurring and stopped the soda-blasting.
But now I have some damage on the wing that needs to be sanded and filled.
A couple of coats of filler primer and block-sanding took care of the damage and now the wing is ready for primer.

The drivers door and trunk lid had some small dents and dings. All of which were take care of with filler primer and block sanding. Once that was done, the parts were sanded and scuffed on the underside to prepare the surface for paint.

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