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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#36: October 10th, 2010 - Prepping the New Drivers-side Door...
I was able to locate a brand-new door for the car at Action Auto Salvage in Okeechobee FL. They purchase a bulk lot of brand-new doors from a Ford Dealer many years ago and have been slowly selling them. These doors are not the ones you find at your parts department. There is no prep done on these doors at all. They are bare steel. No e-coat or seam sealer anywhere.
The sheet-metal parts of the door were treated from the stamping plant with a phosphorus coating to prevent rust. However, the door reinforcements, like the inner bar and hinge area had some surface rust and were first treated with a acid-based rust remover, then primed with etching primer. (The green-tinted paint is the etching primer)

The primer was applied to the door seams in preparation for the seam sealer, as it cannot be applied to bare steel. To get a factor-type seal, I applied painters tape on either side of the seam and then applied the sealer from a gun. After skinning-up, I removed the tape and got a near-factory look.
Some more primer completed the sealed seams.

Next, the etching primer was sanded down using a red 3M scotchbrite pad and several coats of primer were applied to the inside of the door as well as the inside door structure and jambs. The outside door skin will be primered when I get closer to paint.

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