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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#35: October 10th, 2010 - Removal and Disassembly of the Drivers-side Door...
The drivers-side door that was on the car when I got it was not the cars original door. It was a used green door that had been painted and installed on the car at some time in the past. The repaint job was so poor that the entire door would need to be stripped in order to have a quality finish.
So, the first step was to remove and disassemble the door and examine the condition of all the components.

I had to break out the factory Ford manual at this point to try and find out what this part of the door harness is for. You can see in the page below that it doesn't show up there.
Later I found it in another section of the manual. It is the wiring for the 'one touch' power window option.

It's surprising just how much hardware is in a door. The window motor is shot, but the door lock solenoid still functions.

When I got to this point, I was very disappointed with the overall condition of the door. There was rust that needed fixing and the re-paint was so poor that it would need to come off. Even in the door jams and hinge area.
I think I'll be looking for a replacement door rather than putting all the hours into this one.

All the door related parts filled up an entire bin!

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