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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#31: September 15th, 2010 - Disassembling the Dashboard...
One thing I hate is rust. When Ford built the car, they did not paint or in anyway protect the metal dash support structure. So this is what you get, a rust dash support. I took allot of pictures of how things went together on the dash, as this is one of the few parts of a SN95 that I have never taken apart before.
When I built the racecar, I delivered the car to the cage shop with the dash intact, as they need a starting point for where to locate the steering column in the cage structure. During the cage building process, they took apart the dash to make room for the cross-bar behind it.
The wiring and small components come out first. There are about 30 fasteners in all that have to be removed to get the support out. I did not post all the pictures here but you get the idea.
The support is too large to fit in my blasting cabinet, so I will take it to Tollivers in West Palm Beach and have them sandblast the support and powder coat it.

Here you can see the wiring harness and venting components on the floor and shell sitting on the stand. I found a date tag on the shell of '96. I guess the shell was replaced also when the repairs were done. There are some breaks in the plastic on the dash shell. I'll fix those up with some two-part epoxy before the support comes back from Tollivers next week. I'll also spend some time cleaning and re-taping the wiring harness.

In this last picture you can see some evidence that the car had been in some water at some point in its life. Do stereo amplifiers normally rust?

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