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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#2: August 28th, 2009 - Pulling the Motor and Disassembly...
The first thing I did was charge the battery, as it was dead. When I hit the key to try and start it, I got a 'click', and that was all. I started the diagnosis by pulling the spark plugs. One of the first ones I pulled was rusted shut!  Oh well, time to pull the motor. It turns out, there was water in most of the cylinders and the crankcase. The cylinder wall were pitted and even after soaking the cylinder wall and piston rings in WD40, I sill could not turn the motor over with a breaker bar.
The good news is that all of the special 'Cobra' motor parts are still there. Engine oil cooler, intake manifold, 24lb/hr Fuel Injectors, GT40 cylinder heads, Crane 'Cobra' Roller Rockers, "Cobra" valve covers, brake booster and such.

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