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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#18: July 19th, 2010 - Fixing the Drivers-side Rocker Panel Seam...
The rocker panels on the car are a mess. I just want to make them look better, not necessarily 'like-new'. The large dents on the panels will be take care of when the rest of the exterior body-work is done. I am mainly going to concentrate on the rocker seams, as they are in sad shape.
I have circled the two areas that need the most work on the inside of the seam. The front area is completely collapsed. The back area is spread apart. The seam has multiple burn-through holes around the welds.
I'll start by drilling out the spot welds on the front so I can separate the inner and outer rocker seams and straighten them. After straightening the inner seam, I inserted a strip of metal to fill the gap and provide some material to weld to. The welds on the front part are then ground smooth and primer is applied.

The outside-rear part of the seam is all wavy and has a large vertical seam about a foot from the end where it was cut and welded. (Circled) I'll need to grind down some of the existing welds and redo some also.
The picture does not get any better on the inside. I will have to cut up some of the existing welds just to straighten it. After the re-welding is done, I need to clean off the undercoating that remains on the floor. It will take several hours to get it down to the metal so I can spray primer on the repairs.
I have finished the rocker seam on the driver side. What a difference from where I started!

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