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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#17: July 18th, 2010 - Raising the Floor and Fixing the Inner A-Pillar...
When the new floor was installed back in 1997, it was attached to the drivers-side rocker panel about 1/2 inch too low. You can see the difference between the drivers and passengers side in the pictures.
To fix this problem, I removed the seam sealer and cut the spot welds using a reciprocating saw. Then a floor-jack and a short 2x4 was used to push the floor up to the proper position. Additional holes were drilled in the flange and the entire area was coated with 3M Weld-thur primer. All the welding was done and the welds cleaned up with a grinder. Before I spray on the final coat of primer, I have some work to do on the inner  A-Pillar.

The Inner A-Pillar needed some attention where it joined the rocker panel and at the seam where it transitioned to the rocker panel. I've circled two areas on the A-Pillar in this picture from October. On the seam at the door opening, there is a 'S' bend in it.The other area show rust, undercoating and poor welding where the rocker attached to the inner A-Pillar. To straighten the seam, I put two cuts in it and used a hammer & dolly to straighten it. The cuts were then welded up and dressed with a grinder.
The other area had to be stripped of all the undercoating, both inside and out, then treated with a chemical rust remover and encapsulator. Finally, the weld on the front was cut-off and re-welded and the entire area was coated with primer.

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