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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#16: July 10th, 2010 - Found More Rust on the Floor where it joined to the Rocker Panel. Major Surgery Required...
I was scraping off the seam sealer and undercoating around the rocker panel where it meets the floor behind the B-pillar when I found a ton of rust and rot.
When the car was repaired in 1997 and the new rocker panel and B-pillar were installed, they did a poor job of re-connecting the existing floor to the rocker and coated the entire area with seam sealer and undercoating. What happened is these conditions created a area for moisture to sit and cause the sheet metal to rust out.
In order to get at all the rust to remove it, I had to cut out part of the rear seat crossmember where it attached to the B-pillar, rocker and floor. Then I was able to cut out the part of the floor that was rusted-out.

I fabricated up a piece of sheet metal and began welding it in. While I was working on the floor, I notice that there were some areas on the B-pillar that needed attention. Several welds were done poorly and others were missing entirely. I spent some time re-welding the B-pillar and dressing the welds. The area directly behind the B-pillar needed attention also. There was undercoating, seam sealer and some body work that needed to be done.

After that, I applied my first coat of primer. All it did was highlight all the flaws in the areas around the rocker panel and B-pillar. There were still holes in the B-pillar that needed welding and areas in-front and behind the B-pillar needed some attention too. There are some really ugly welds in the forth picture. While I was working on the B-pillar, I took some time to clean up and prime the outside of the quarter-window frame.

The section of the crossmember that was cut out is in pretty bad shape where it attached to the front of the B-pillar. Part of the crossmember was actually missing and I had to fabricate that part. It took multiple test fits before the final welding took place. I also had to weld in fresh metal where the crossmember met the B-pillar.

With the fabrication of the crossmember complete, I was able to weld it back into place.  I tacked it in place first, then did the plug welds and the seam welds. I ground down the welds on the back and front and left the seam weld on the top. The area under the crossmember was finished with 3M weld-thru primer.

Now I was able to finish the area behind the crossmember and above the rocker. It looks much better. I also finished welding the holes on the B-pillar before spraying the primer.

An lastly, I need to check the passenger side to make sure there is no rust under the seam sealer there. First, the sound deadener comes up with the scraper and torch. Next the seam sealer comes off....
Hurray, no rust-through! Just some surface rust to remove then on to primer.

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