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TITANIUM Motorsports "POS" Mustang Cobra Restoration Journal
#15: June 30th, 2010 - Cleaning up the Engine Compartment, Firewall, and Inner Fenders...
There was still some disassembly. The wiper motor and components needed to be removed as well as assorted plugs and bolts. To start out, I used a die grinder with a 100 grit disc to remove the slag on the spot welds and rust. I also ground off the paint where I will be welding in the new support.
There is some surface rust in the cowl area where the wiper arms were. I'll have to remove this by hand. To remove the dirt and key the surface, I used a green 3M ScotchBrite pad and paint thinner.
There was quite a bit of surface rust on the top of the frame under the battery area, as well as under the power booster mount. There are always a lot of spot welds that need cleaning up on the front clip.
The bare metal areas got two coats, the painted just one.
Thats done, now on to the outside part of the inner fenders.
There was so much dirt and scale in the shock tower, I had to use the die grinder just to clean it. Also notice the small crack in the upper left-hand corner of the picture. I might have to weld that up. The back hinge bolt on the driver side snapped off it was so rusty. I had to drill it out and re-tap the hole.
Next, onto the drivers side. There is a ton of undercoating in the shock tower that has to come out!. I used the die grinder and a surfacing disc to remove the undercoating in the shock tower. A 100 grit disc was used to remove the seam sealer next to the windshield.
There may be a bend in the frame rail here. I'll have too look at that later.
I switch to a white primer from the gray. It should make top coating easier.
It takes quite a few more coats to get coverage with the white primer, but it looks real good.
The top of the frame is gray, the outside of the inner fender and cowl area are white.
I wire brushed and sanded by hand the area inside the cowl and gave it several coats of primer. The top of the cowl came out nice. I taped it off from the firewall.
A whole lot better than where I started from.

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